How do you remove mould?


Thick Bleach will help you remove mould. Mould must not be ignored and should be dealt with quickly. Mould is unhealthy, ugly and can be difficult to clean. As soon as you notice any mould, deal with quickly as it will spread. Following these few easy steps can help ensure a clean and healthy environment.

This guidline will show you how to remove mould from around your sink or bathtub and even if it’s on the silicone edging. If the mould has grown into the silicone then you will need to scrap it off, however for all other instances, this should work. This is a very simple solution will save you allot of time and money. Most DIY solutions will get you scraping off the silicone and then reapplying silicone, however, try this.

WARNING: Be Cautious when using bleach as it can damage your skin and eyes and can cause irritation and burning.

All you need is thick bleach, something like Domestos, a pair of gloves and a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with the required amount of bleach and spray he bleach onto the affected area or use it direct from the bottle. Most bottles should have a nozzle. Leave overnight. Wash and wipe it away the next morning. That’s it! Couldn’t be easier. The mould is gone.

How to reduce and eliminate the source of the mould

    Identify and eliminate the source of the mould. There are a few ways of doing this:
  • Mould mostly develops in kitchens and bathrooms that lacks of proper ventilation. Open windows or even add extractors to remove the moisture in the air.
  • Mould thrives in dark spaces. Let sunshine into the room. This prevents mould colonies from growing.
  • Poor insulation helps mould to grow. When cold air and warm air meets, it causes condensation. Good insulation will help in preventing mould growth.
  • Humidity helps mould to grow. You can install dehumidifiers to prevent damp and warm conditions .
  • After having a bath or shower, keep windows and doors open to air out the mnoisture for at least 10-20 minutes.
  • Remove any damp items, such as towels or clothing as this adds to the hunidity in the bathroom.


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