Why use a Carpenter's Pencil?

The above video shows the uses of using a carpenters/builders pencil.

You will be surprised by its uses.

Carpenters or Builders Pencil

Carpenter pencils are also used by builders, because they are suitable for marking on rough surfaces, such as concrete or stone. This shape and lead density aid in marking legible lines with a straight edge that are clear and easy to follow with a saw blade.

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  • A carpenter pencil is a pencil that has a body with a rectangular shape to prevent it from rolling away.
  • Carpenter pencils are easier to grip than standard pencils, because they have a larger surface area.
  • The rectangular shaped nip allows thick or thin lines to be drawn by the pencil.
  • The lead is strong to withstand the stress of marking on such surfaces.

The flat pencil is one of the oldest pencil types. The first versions were made by hollowing out sticks of juniper wood. A superior technique was discovered: two wooden halves were carved with a groove running down them, a plumbago stick placed in one of the grooves, and the two halves then glued together—essentially the same method in use to this day.

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