How to apply Flashband?

The above video shows you how to apply Flashband properly. Flasband is a self adhesive sealing strip with hundreds of uses to waterprrof or stop a leak. It was initially developed for builders, but now it is available in small packs for the 'Do-it-Yourselfer' who can get the same professional finish to sealing and stop leaks.

Flashband is very useful for creating a water tight joint, it can be used as a temporary repair on leaking roofs etc

Where to use Flash band?

You can use flashband on a Metal box and valley gutters, down-pipes, galvanised Iron overlaps, asbestos sheeting overlaps, window frames, protruding pipes through roof, cement box gutters, flashing to parapet wills, chimneys, pipe vents and flashings In general, ridging and capping, under window sills, under eaves' sealing of roofing screws, boat leeks, and In virtually any other areas.


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